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Here is a collection of visual effects (VFX) shots demonstrating digital compositing, camera tracking, CG and stereoscopic 3D.

Previous experience using ToonBoom's USAnimation and Softimage Eddie's node-based compositing packages has me feeling right at home in Nuke. Having spent many years working in real-time 3D game engines, I can leverage Nuke's 3D environment whenever possible.





VFX Industry Reel 2012
18 Septemberr 2013

This is my roto/prep industry reel of work done while at Double Negative:

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Total Recall (2012)
  • Rush (2013)

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VFX Reel 2011
05 October 2011

This reel of personal projects showcases my abilities as a VFX artist:

  • Nuke - compositing, camera projections, roto & prep
  • Maya - multipass CG renders, lighting, proxy set geometry
  • PFTrack - camera & geometry tracking
  • Photoshop - textures for CG & camera projections, comp elements

I created all the content seen in this reel (CG, photos & HDSLR footage).

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RV custom key bind
20 August 2013

Tweak Software makes a review and dailies playback tool called RV that is used in the film industry.

I reached out to Tweak Software Support for some help in setting up a custom key bind via the user interface settings override file.

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Wire Removal
20 May 2012

This VFX shot is an exercise in rig/wire removal in Nuke.

I filmed this HDSLR footage to simulate a wire harness worn by an actor or stunt performer. Normally, these safety harnesses are worn to protect actors during dangerous action but for my test shot I just needed some wires with a bit of tension that overlapped the actor and the background.

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Workbench Set Extension
24 June 2011

The goal for this locked-off greenscreen VFX shot was to create photoreal CG assets in Maya that extend the set behind the workbench. I also wanted to enhance the character in the shot by removing his left pinky and ring fingers, a result of his previous misdoings. A scar tissue patch created in Photoshop was then tracked & warped into place using Nuke.

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Asylum Camera Projection
16 June 2011

A fast hand-held camera and a tricky matchmove have been made easier to work with using camera projections in Maya.

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Asylum Matchmove
07 June 2011

Urban exploration guerilla filmmaking

I am currently working with a group of very talented CG & VFX Soho artists on a pitch for an independent film. I shot these background plates on my Canon 550D/T2i in an abandoned Asylum located in South London.

The plates were delensed in Nuke, camera tracking was done in PFTrack and final adjustments to the camera's f-curves were sorted out in Maya.

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Sci-Fi Wristband
04 February 2011

Inspired by the trailer for Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens" film, I created a short VFX shot using greenscreen elements filmed on my Canon 550D/T2i, a photograph I took while on honeymoon in Venice and a multipass CG render out of Maya's mental ray.

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Green Masked Superhero
10 December 2010

I used PFTrack to object track my head with a poly mesh and then composited a CG superhero mask over live footage. In Maya I rendered out a beauty pass, lights id pass, motion vectors and z-depth to use in the Nuke composite. Rotoscoping was combined with a luma key to create the main matte for the comp.

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Demon Eyes
27 November 2010

Inspired by the caustics from a coffee cup sitting in direct sunlight, I put together this little Nuke composite. I filmed the caustics on a black background as a practical element to use for the organic energy beams to be emitted from my eyes.

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Stereo Blocks 2D to 3D Conversion
11 September 2010

This anaglyph stereoscopic video was created from 2D footage that was converted to 3D using PFTrack, Maya and Nuke.

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Stereo Photography2
03 September 2010

Taking advantage of a rare sunny day in London, I ventured out with my Canon 550D/T2i and tripod to capture some more stereoscopic photographs.

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Stereo Photography
31 August 2010

These stereo anaglyph photos were created using the "shoot, slide, shoot" technique. The view for the left eye is photographed and then the camera is moved to the right to capture the right eye view.

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Stereo Conversion
25 August 2010

These photos have been dimensionalized (converted from 2D to 3D stereoscopic images) in Nuke using the RotoPaint and Anaglyph nodes. This technique uses a single photograh to generate the view offsets for the left & right eyes.

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HDR Test
30 May 2010

After working through some training tutorials about using high dynamic range (HDR) images with Maya lighting and mental ray rendering techniques I purchased a £10 20cm "gazing ball" from a local garden centre.

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Nodal Pan
12 March 2010

This is a test using a matchmoved camera from PFTrack to re-photograph a new bg plate in Maya. Since a camera pan or tilt movement has very little parallax in the shot it is very similar to translating across a still image.

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10 March 2010

This was a very straightforward matchmove in Boujou using only autofeatures (and a quick pass to remove jittery tracks wherever the waves splash against the rocks) with elements composited in Shake.

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Perspective Match
01 March 2010

This little animation was done in Maya after going through the "Perspective Matching Tutorial" in Chapter 1 of "Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking" written by Tim Dobbert.

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05 February 2010

A PFTrack matchmove done with 31 User-Feature tracking guides, articulated mattes, Auto-Features and constraints.

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Matchmove2 Composite
25 February 2010

A Maya Live camera matchmove and Shake composite with textures created using stills from coverage video. The tracking was done with 34 manaully-placed track boxes and the scene was oriented with a few planar constraints.

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05 January 2010

A simple Maya Live camera matchmove.

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Various Test Shots

A collection of VFX tests and one-offs.

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