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RV custom key bind
20 August 2013

Tweak Software makes a review and dailies playback tool called RV that is used in the film industry.

As a Lead RotoPrep artist, part of my job is to check shots and provide feedback to other artists. I’m constantly flipping between the original plate and the paint/prep clean plate as I work my way through a shot frame by frame to check for clean edges, wobbling edges, matching grain & colour, tracking issues, etc.

I reached out to Tweak Software Support for some help in setting up a custom key bind via the user interface settings override file. The slightly awkward default key press, SHIFT+0, was giving me a muscle ache in my shoulder since I flip between plates for so many hours in a day.

Tweak Software Support was prompt and very helpful with their response, sending me the correct syntax to bind the “/” key to cycle between the plates. It’s amazing how a little tweak like this can greatly improve my day :D

Here is an example of how to set a custom key bind in RV:


require rvui;
require app_utils;
require rvtypes;
require commands;
require extra_commands;

\: initialize (object;)
    //  To override default bindings just set them after you call this,
    //  otherwise, you need to provide all of the bindings if you
    //  replace it.


    //  You can add to rvui.mainMenu before calling this

    defineModeMenu("default", rvui.buildMainMenu());

    //  Make a new State object. Any object can be returned here
    //  (tuple, etc). In this case we're going to provide the default
    //  State object.

    return rvui.newStateObject();

function: setup(void;)
    app_utils.bind("key-down--/", \:(void; Event event)



Put that text into a file named "" and place it in your Linux home directory.




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