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Maya Renders

Here is a collection of renders from various projects and tests.





22 January 2012

Inspired by The RC's funky new studio chairs, I modelled and rendered this page header image for my tumblr micro-blog. Check out the original photo in The RC episode 105 show notes.





28 July 2011

A wide angle lens with shallow depth of field was used to render this RSS icon for a page header on my tumblr micro-blog. Colour grading was done in Photoshop with a bit of grain also added to the image.





12 July 2011

Here are the Maya mental ray masterBeauty, wireframe (contours) and ambient occlusion renders my "Workbench" set extension shot.

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15 February 2011

This is a close-up render/comp of the geometry I created for my "Sci-Fi Wristband" VFX shot.

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04 February 2011

My hands modelled in Maya polygons to learn topology & edge flow techniques. The main purpose of this geometry is for rotomation and camera projection.

I rigged & animated/rotomated this geometry for my "Sci-Fi Wristband" VFX shot. Footage was camera projected onto the geometry which provided reflections and mental ray Final Gather indirect illumination onto the wristband geometry.

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12 August 2010

This image is a Maya Software render created during the first part of the Escape Studios online training course entitled "Advanced Shading with Maya & Mental Ray". Escape Studios provides the geometry & textures and they work you through creating the shading networks for all the various materials. I'm quite enjoying working in the Hypershade and learning more about the utilitiy nodes, projections, and layered shaders.





10 December 2010

My head modelled in Maya polygons to learn topology & edge flow techniques.

This geometry was used to object track footage of my head in PFTrack for my VFX shot, "Green Masked Superhero".

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29 January 2010

Saucer Noire. The little man model is the freeware Andy Rig v1.4.6 for Maya.



29 January 2010

An experimental Maya shot exploring depth of field rendering and digital film grain done in post.

I'm taking inspiration from grainy, low-light photos shot at ISO 1600 on a Canon IXUS 75.

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27 August 2009

Maya experiments in organic, procedural modeling

I'm trying to avoid too much UV work in favor of 3D textures on things that could be background objects.

The stone pillars and railings were started with low poly blockout geometry and I applied a Mesh Smooth to quickly increase the detail. A Displacement Shader was then used to add in the random organic detail. I converted the displacement to polys and then did a few passes with the Poly Reduction tool to get the poly count back down to something reasonable. The resulting "happy accidents" from the process give the geometry a nice organic feel.



25 August 2009

The stone staircase started with a very quick low poly blockout mesh and then every edge was beveled. I did a Mesh Smooth operation on the model and then went around using the Sculpt Geometry Tool to paint further softness and randomness into the mesh (view based setting).





18 August 2009

Environment test shots for a previs animation, "The Escape". The little girl model is the freeware Andy Rig v1.4.6 for Maya.

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14 August 2009

This is my concept model of the Strogg Slipgate teleporter used in the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars video game. My idea was to base the design of the teleporter on the Quake symbol as a nod to the legacy of the Quake series. The model was later used by the artists as a guide for the final in-game asset.

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