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VFX Industry Reel 2012
18 Septemberr 2013

This is my roto/prep industry reel of work done while at Double Negative:

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Total Recall (2012)
  • Rush (2013)


VFX Industry Reel 2012 Breakdown
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VFX Reel 2011
05 October 2011

This reel of personal projects showcases my abilities as a VFX artist:

  • Nuke - compositing, camera projections, roto & prep
  • Maya - multipass CG renders, lighting, proxy set geometry
  • PFTrack - camera & geometry tracking
  • Photoshop - textures for CG & camera projections, comp elements

I created all the content seen in this reel (CG, photos & HDSLR footage).


VFX Reel 2011 Breakdown
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idTech4 Video Game Reel
07 December 2009

This is a sample of my work as a Lead Level Designer in the video game industry using idTech4 and Maya.

To create the video, I spent a day flying around the maps trying to capture the footage with a filmmaker's cap on. The shots are mostly conventional camera work with tracks, pans, tilts, and a bit of a helicopter shot in Slipgate near the end. Most shots use a field of view (g_fov) smaller than the default 90. In most cases, I'm using g_fov 35.

I captured the footage in real-time using Fraps screen capture software and a wired Microsoft PC 360 gaming controller (apart from the Doom3 sections where I used a very low-sensitivity mouse setting). I created custom game configs to control various game pad sensitivity settings and to kick off developer commands to demonstrate lights, textures, and triangles in a few scenes.




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