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Magic Lantern raw on a Canon 550D
10 October 2013

My focus on Magic Lantern raw has been aimed at the Canon 550D, since I currently use that Camera body, and Iím finding the ML Aug_25_2013 build to be quite stable.

I use the 1280x544 raw centre crop option which gives a field of view comparable the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Granted, the BMCC is a higher resolution but I think this 1280x544 crop on my 550D is helping me become accustomed to the crop factor Iíll find when using Canon EF/EF-S lenses on a BMCC. Itís good practice and ML is free.

Here is some info that Iíve found to be quite useful in exploring what Magic Lantern raw has to offer:

Magic Lantern 550D raw page:
[ link ]

RAWanizer(to convert ML raw to dng):
[ link ]

Mark Fryís ML cropmarks:
[ link ]

Magic Lantern raw workflow quick start guide from lensrentals
[ link ]

nofilmschool: How to Edit Your Amazing Magic Lantern 14-Bit RAW Video on the Worst Computer Ever
[ link ]

Download page for Resolve:
[ link ]


Apple ProRes is a great part of a Magic Lantern raw workflow. Here are some notes regarding "Apple ProRes on a Windows PC".





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