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Lead Level Designer
Splash Damage,
2007 - PC

An id Software game developed by Splash Damage and published by Activision, "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the ultimate online strategic shooter: an objective-driven, class-based first person shooter set in the Quake universe."

Matt Wilson and I shared the duties of Lead Level Designer on ETQW, acting as department heads as well as contributing to day-to-day level design production tasks. Sharing the role enabled both of us to spend time during the day doing what we love-- level design. Don't get me wrong, task management, scheduling, and document writing are great fun ... but sometimes you just need to dig in and build stuff!




I was involved in all aspects of level design including initial design concepts, terrain & architecture blockouts, environment art, lighting, detailing, scene performance optimisations, multiplayer AI scripting, and bug fixing. I regularly encouraged the level design team to strive to improve their Maya modeling skills so that we could create the appropriate geometry for the situation, be it in BSP brushes, curve patches or model geometry.

We had a great team of designers working on ETQW. Knowledge was readily shared, support was given, and inspiration was only a glance over your shoulder at the monitors around you. Thanks must extend out to the entire teams that broke their backs to ship the game but I worked closely with the same core group of designers for over three years and truly appreciate all the hard work everyone put in.

Special thanks to id Software and Nerve Software for all their help on ETQW!



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ETQW model examples

Here are a few environment modeling examples using Autodesk Maya, Lightwave Modeler, and ETQW Editworld showing geometry construction, UV texturing, and scene lighting. These are examples of the alien Strogg environments.


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ETQW Fly-throughs

A quick fly around Area22 and Slipgate.





This is my concept model of the Strogg Slipgate teleporter, a low poly version to test gameplay. My idea was to base the design of the teleporter on the Quake symbol as a nod to the legacy of the series. The model was later used by the artists as a guide for the final in-game asset.


As a long-time fan of the Quake series, I took inspiration from the logos to create the teleporter.


Here is the final in-game asset as modelled by Roland Zeller and textured by Peter Boeheme. Details on the model hint at a machine that can fold up into a compact state and then deploy once it impacts into the ground, a running theme in much of the Strogg technology found throughout the game.

Taking into account stealthy on-foot gameplay while also allowing for vehicles, the teleporter was designed to have three control panels that need to be hacked by the human GDF team to gain control of the teleporter and allow them to drive vehicles through to the other side. On the ramp you can see a Badger truck escorting the Mobile Command Post missle-launching vehicle.




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