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HDR Test
30 May 2010

After working through some training tutorials about using high dynamic range (HDR) images with Maya lighting and mental ray rendering techniques I purchased a £10 20cm "gazing ball" from a local garden centre.

High dynamic range imagery is used to help embed the cg elements into the scene with location-specific lighting, provides reflections and gets the CG elements a step closer to looking photoreal.

For this shot I wanted to stay in Maya and practice render layers without taking all the separate elements into an external compositing package.

  • A useBackground shader captures the shadows on the floor and lower portion of the couch.
  • A camera projection of the original plate onto simple geometry is used to generate the reflections of the floor, couch, and items on the shelf in background.
  • The original plate is also projected onto some cylinder geometry for the tripod legs in the foreground to allow a little box to sit behind the tripod in real 3D space.





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