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I began exploring filmmaking using a Canon 550D/T2i DSLR and a collection of d.i.y camera rigs.

Captivated by cartoons and comics as a lad, I've always been keenly interested in animation and visual storytelling. A vast comic book collection from the 80s & 90s has instilled in me a storyboard approach to visualization and time spent behind a tv studio camera has me always looking for an interesting angle.






Timelapse Chelsham Church
02 April 2014

A short video with a few timelapse and hyperlapse shots taken at St Leonard's Church in Chelsham, Surrey, UK.

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GoPro D.I.Y. 3rd Person Test
25 January 2014

Can a GoPro be used as a "normal" filmmaking tool? Sure, it's obviously well-suited to action sports and is perfect for tucking into tight spaces, but I wanted to simulate a camera operator following a subject in a way that didn't immediately call itself out as a "GoPro shot".

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Hyde Park Italian Gardens
11 October 2013

- Magic Lantern raw on a Canon 550D
- Handheld with a Canon EF 40mm STM lens
- Graded in DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite
- ProRes on a Windows PC workflow via ffmpeg

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Magic Lantern raw on a Canon 550D
10 October 2013

My focus on Magic Lantern raw has been aimed at the Canon 550D, since I currently use that Camera body, and I’m finding the ML Aug_25_2013 build to be quite stable.

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ProRes on a Windows PC
10 October 2013

Apple’s ProRes has long been an established NLE-friendly codec that combines superior quality and speed of use on the timeline. If you use a Windows PC, you probably haven’t had much experience with (encoding) ProRes and quite possible have sought out other codes such as GoPro’s Cineform.

The ProRes solution on a Windows PC is to use ffmpeg.

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Magic Lantern custom cropmarks
13 September 2013

Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren't included from the factory by Canon.

I really like the ability to have a custom live view overlay and I've made a few of my own cropmarks available for download.

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Brighton Beach
17 November 2011

A few hundred thousand Brits descend upon Brighton beach to bask in the record-breaking heat.

A great day for people watching...

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Timelapse PYLON
08 November 2011

I attended a timelapse seminar by Philip Bloom during Canon's London Pro Solutions 2011 event and came away feeling inspired.

For this timelapse video I used the Canon EOS Utility software to control my Canon 550D/T2i from a PC and photographed some dramatic cloud formations over the course of a grey UK afternoon.

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More Light, More Blur
- A beginners guide to understanding Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed

28 October 2011

I got my first entry level DSLR, a Canon 550D/T2i, to learn the basics of photography and to gain a better understanding of the manual camera controls.

Since my brain responds well to memory rhymes and other word association games, I came up with a simple phrase to help the new concepts sink in...

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"Loved un Oeuf" short film
28 November 2010

A lonely egg searches for love in this Smile for London 20 second short film.

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"Drawer Slide" DSLR HD video
24 August 2010

For this HDSLR test video I mounted my Canon 550D/T2i onto a 24" ROTHLEY ball-bearing drawer slide. Colour corrections where done in Nuke.

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"Selsdon Wood" DSLR HD video
19 August 2010

The first HDSLR test video using my Canon 550D/T2i and the EF-S 18-55mm kit lens.

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Commander Celeriak character concept
19 July 2010

A quick pencil sketch and iPhone paint-over of a character concept.

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"Holt Wood" experimental short film
01 December 2009

I flew over to Holt Wood for lunch the other day and made this short film.

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"Afternoon at Scotshall Lane" experimental short film
26 November 2009

Remembering a sunny Figaro afternoon in the country using a rapid-stop-motion animated performance.

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"Lowfi Noire"
23 November 2009

Experiments in digital film grain: capturing, creating and compression.

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"Darth Eggbert Unmasked"
04 November 2009

A short Premiere video project to study aspects of facial animation and timing. The project taught me the importance of a well placed blink to convey emotion.

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"The Escape" previs
22 September 2009

Maya previs animations for timing, camera animations, shot sequence, character test, and storyboards.

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"Requiem For A Bean" animatic
14 October 2009

This animatic was created with iPhone photos, 2D animation in Photoshop and sound effects recorded in the kitchen. A second Premiere video edit was also done for shot timing, audio, and some basic colour grading.

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slapping tentacle idents
06 October 2009

2D animations of a slapping tentacle. I recorded the sound effects by rubbing my foot on the bottom of the bath tub.

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1999 Reel

My student animation reel from 1999 using PowerAnimator 8.5 and Softimage Eddie for node-based compositing. Maya 1.0 was released shortly after this video.

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Various animations

A collection of little Maya animation tests and one-offs.

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my exposure sheet template

Animation Exposure Sheets
31 January 2010

Do you need some animation exposure sheet templates? I've posted up PDF templates that can be printed onto an A4 using scale to fit.

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