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Camera Drone Operator, Visual Effects Artist for feature films, Video Game Developer...

I've also operated camera for broadcast TV, worked on a TV cartoon series, and I helped develop a pilot for a crowdsourced TV chat show.






Mark Fry

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Location: London, UK



About me

I am a Canadian-British dual citizen with a keen interest in photography, cinematography, and filmmaking.


Owner / Drone Operator
LoftyBot Aerial Images (Apr 2015 - Present)

I build, service, and fly camera drones to deliver a low altitude aerial perspective that simply cannot be captured by any other means. The drone can go from a dolly or crane shot to a helicopter shot in one continuous motion, capturing high resolution 4K video or stills photography.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operator
--- Training (Apr 2014 - Apr 2015)

- Gained the skills necessary to build, maintain, and fly multirotor camera drones
- Received the Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ-s) from Resource Group (drones 0-7Kg and 7-20Kg)

RPAS are also commonly referred to as:
- Commercial Drone
- Civil Drone
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
- Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA)
- Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA)
- Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (ROAV)

Camera Operator/AC
--- Freelance (Dec 2013 - Apr 2015)

- B-Cam Operator and AC on corporate, music, and real estate video productions
- Remote Camera Operator for aerial drone and handheld shots using the Movi camera gimbal
- Ground Crew Assistant/Air Observer for aerial drone productions

--- Independent Film (Aug – Dec 2013)

Indie film proof of concept: built 2D pipeline, composited CG into live action, prepped clean plates

Lead Roto Prep Artist
--- Moving Picture Company (Feb - Aug 2013)

Worked with 2D supervisors on roto/prep briefs and quality checked shots on feature films:

  • Red 2 (2013)
  • The Monuments Men (2013)
  • 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)
  • Maleficent (201

Roto Prep Artist
--- Moving Picture Company (Dec 2012 – Feb 2013)

Prep and paint work on feature films:

  • 47 Ronin (2013)
  • Red 2 (2013)
  • The Lone Ranger (2013)
  • World War Z (2013)

Paint and Roto Artist
--- Framestore (Nov – Dec 2012)

Stereoscopic roto using Silhouette and Nuke on feature film ‘47 Ronin’ (2013)

Roto Artist
--- Double Negative (Jan – Oct 2012)

Roto and Prep for feature films using Dneg’s proprietary tools and Nuke

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) (Roto)
  • Total Recall (2012) (Roto)
  • Rush (2013) (Roto/Prep/Junior Comp)

VFX Artist
--- Training (Sep 2009 – Dec 2011)

- Self-directed studies into photography, cinematography, filmmaking, and stereoscopy
- Online training courses in camera tracking, modelling, animation, texturing, lighting, and rendering

Lead Level Designer
--- Endrant Studios (Apr 2008 – Aug 2009)

Head of department, environment and prop modelling, world building, lighting, scene optimisations

  • Wolfenstein video game (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Lead Level Designer
--- Splash Damage (Jun 2002 – Mar 2008, Lead as of Jul 2005)

Head of department, liaison for executive producers & outsource developers, environment and prop modelling, world building, lighting, scene optimisations, A.I. scripting

  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PC) (Lead Level Designer)
  • Doom3 (PC) (Senior multiplayer Level Designer)
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (PC) (Level Designer)

Graphic Artist
--- Monument Production (Winnipeg) Limited (Mar – Apr 2002)

Created graphics to dress props and sets for TV movie ‘Christmas Rush’

Graphic Designer/Web Developer
--- Allmedia Inc. (Oct 2001 – Mar 2002)

Flash animation, graphic design, video shooting, and editing for a TV pilot

Level Designer
--- Training (Mar – Oct 2001)

Real-time 3D video game level design theory and techniques using idTech3

Lead 2D Compositor
--- Digital Chameleon (Oct 2000 – Mar 2001)

Composited shots using ToonBoom USAnimation for animated TV series ‘Treasure’ (Cinar/BBC)

Camera Operator
--- Videon Cable 11 (Jan 1999 - Sep 2000)

Operated broadcast cameras in a live television studio and on location

Graphic Designer/Web Developer
--- Manlab Internet (May 1999 – Jul 2000)

Flash animation, graphic design, HTML, streaming video

Graphic Artist
--- Axium Entertainment-Canada Inc. (Jan 1999)

Created graphics to dress props for TV movie ‘Life in a Day’



Vocational Training

Resource Group UAS (2014)

  • "Remote Pilot Qualification - small (RPQ-s)" : Air Law, Air Safety, Aircraft Knowledge, Deployment Procedures, Map Reading , Meteorology


Applied Multimedia Training Center, Winnipeg (1997-1998)

  • "3D & Special Effects Animator" : Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator, Softimage Eddie, IRIX on SGI O2 workstations
  • "Multimedia Design and Communication" : Photoshop, Premiere, Freehand, Director, Quark XPress, Infini-D, Mac





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