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"Requiem For A Bean" animatic
14 October 2009

Photos taken with my iPhone, 2D animation in Photoshop, sound effects recorded in the kitchen: this one-day project was to create a quick animatic for a short Premiere video sequence. The goal was to shoot, animate, and edit in the same day.

The idea for the video sequence is to film the process of making a delicious cup of coffee with the Aerobie AeroPress using fast, rhythmic cuts in the style of the film 'Requiem for a Dream' directed by Darren Aronofsky.

I used iPhone photos to quickly storyboard the sequence and later filmed some rough video to use for sound effects.

For coffee drinkers out there, here is a link to the Aerobie AeroPress product page.





"Requiem For A Bean" rough cut
15 October 2009

Using the animatic edit as a starting point, I did a second rough Premiere edit with the temp video footage I had captured for the sound effects. Timing, volume and some very basic colour grading has been done in this rough edit.




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